Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This video is absolutely amazing! Everyone needs to watch it! I mentioned in my blog post earlier that I wasn't sure what helping people by selling insurance really meant! This video pretty much sums it up!
KATIE Wagner in Anthem, AZ
Katie Wagner is a 15 year old girl from Anthem Arizona who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of bone and lung cancer! The outpouring of support from the community is absolutely amazing! Her parents were struggling financially and made their house payment instead of their insurance payment, little did they know what lied ahead medically. The hero in this video,  Dawn got Blue Cross Blue shield to challenge the Wagner Family's  insurance company and it was APPROVED! Now the family does not have to worry about the 100's of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills and can focus on their beautiful daughter's fight of a lifetime! This to me is one of the best definitions of a hero and champion, hopefully I can make at least half of this impact in someones life! This girl is absolutely amazing and has people all over the world praying for her! I cannot wait to see what this girl will accomplish in life I am sure it will change the world. The second video in the post is her amazing story family sharing their story! For more information on this awe inspiring young girl please visit http://www.welovekatie.com/! Girl you got this and the world is #PRAYINGFORKATIE
<3 Amanda

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